…and surviving LASIK.

This is part 3 of my journey through LASIK. To read part’s 1 & 2 please click the links! 🙂

So I was done. I put my black-out shades on and walked cautiously out the facility door clinging to Mike’s arm. I was so excited to look at everything but the light was so bright that I had to eventually walk with my eyes closed as he directed me back to the car. Once inside, we made a quick stop at Whole Foods to pick up some things he could make me for dinner and then we headed home for my post-surgical slumber.

After surgery they give you a Tylenol PM so that you *ideally* sleep for the next 4 hours and wake up feeling marvelous. I’m not going to lie, that did NOT happen.

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Welcome to Part 2 of my LASIK journey! If you haven’t read Part 1, please go check it out to start from the beginning!

LASIK. As in, laser beams shooting into your face strategically re-shaping your eye so that you can magically see again. Not. Terrifying. At all.

I have needed glasses ever since the 6th grade. I’ll never forget getting my first pair and dreading the inevitable ‘four-eyes’ name-calling. Kids are cruel.

For a while I slid by, wearing them for class so that I could take notes and then immediately taking them off whenever possible. I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing them for my school photo and I never wore them for soccer practice. Eventually it came to the point where I was at-risk for disaster if they weren’t on my face and I succumbed to a life behind frames. I begged my doctor for a contact lens prescription but he insisted that I was too young to be responsible with them so I waited and waited until he finally felt I was ready.

Was I ready for this surgery?

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…and new beginnings.

New Beginning1

You guys. It’s been a while.

I’ve been completely MIA for about a year now and I’m disappointed that it’s taken this long to get back into it. A lot of things have transpired this year and it’s been fairly difficult to keep the blog going throughout all of it. That said, I feel like I’m finally back on track with things and have been dying to get back on here and share with you.

A little background…when I first moved out to LA I started having some issues with my eyes. I’ve worn contacts for about 13 years and have never had a problem with them. All of a sudden my eyes were dry, itchy, red, and puffy. I chalked it up to the stress of moving, the new dry climate I was residing in, the fact that I now had central air, allergies…literally anything to avoid facing what was actually happening.

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