Don’t. Judge. There’s a few reasons why I never tried sushi before, the main one being that I am allergic to nuts and I’ve always been pretty weary of Asian foods. This experience only goes to prove that (for my fellow food allergic people) it’s important to ASK about eating something rather than assuming you can or can’t have it. I struggle with this because I tend to get embarrassed of my allergies – but struggle no more! Sushi has officially entered my life.

Please excuse my far less than beautiful cell phone pictures. It was dark and I didn’t bring my camera.

IMG_0102I’ve been hearing about Katana for a while now. Katana was Mike’s favorite sushi place in L.A. when he lived out here before. He and his L.A. friends have literally told me about their creamy crab rolls at least a dozen times. It was finally time to see “what I’ve been missing out on.”

Our server was excellent. And she grew up in Connecticut…what a small world we live in. Mike lovingly called the restaurant earlier in the afternoon to be absolutely sure I would be able to eat here. I didn’t even have to say anything to her, they had made a note on the reservation about my allergies and were fully prepared to explain any ingredients. Ah-ma-zing.

After a few recommendations, we ordered nearly enough food to feed an army. Our food started to come out and that’s when &%#! got real. Why don’t they give you forks…or a knife? You know..like underneath the table there could be a secret stash so no one has to know. What if I want to cut something up? Mike said I did a great job using the chopsticks considering it was my first time…but still. I don’t like there to be a challenge between me and my dinner.

To start, we tried a tuna with crispy rice dish. I honestly didn’t even know I was eating tuna…nor was I positive which part of the dish was made of the tuna and which was the crispy rice. I should probably note here that I’m also not a seafood eater. I eat crab cakes, stuffed clams, fish cutlets, and any other fish dish you can list the main ingredient as bread.

IMG_0103To follow the tuna, we ordered a salmon something. I have no clue what it was called and I don’t plan on ordering it ever again. It didn’t taste bad. Mike actually really enjoyed it. But it was a raw dish and…just no. Chewy rawness everywhere.

Next came our main meal – baked lobster rolls with asparagus and *drull roll please* the creamy baked crab rolls. My God..these were delicious. The lobster rolls were a little chewy for me but the crab was everything I had ever heard about it. Wonderful. When we go back I’m just ordering a table full of these and calling it a day. Load up on the creamy crab rolls, Katana, apparently this girl likes sushi! We’ll work on the raw stuff another day…Sig_Alyssa

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