…to start a blog.

start a blogI figured it would be appropriate to start with the most obvious new thing in my life: my blog! I’ve always loved writing and have definitely dabbled in the occasional trendy “thought-sharing” platforms out there. It all started with Livejournal – I created an account because it was the cool thing to do. I wrote countless entries on that thing – mostly consisting of your typical angst-y teenager comments.

When Facebook came around I created some “notes.” Nothing too elaborate and I have pretty much gotten away from writing on the internet aside from updating my Facebook status from time to time (or every 5 seconds when it was important to let the world know what you were doing at every waking moment).

But here I am! Back in action – ready to write about all of the things that I find to be worth sharing. I am going to focus on mystart a blog adventures in trying new things. In the past few years I have been trying to push myself to do things I wouldn’t typically do. It all started when I moved out of my hometown (finally) about 2 years ago and started my first “real” job in what my family would call “the big city.” You’ll hear all about it eventually…

Starting a blog is a little intimidating for me – there are so many bloggers out there right now so I’m basically just one more needle in the infinitely large hay stack. I love reading blogs, seeing the photos, and learning about things that I don’t encounter in my day-to-day. With this blog, I hope to convey the positive outcomes of trying something new even if you’re a little scared to do it.

start a blogWe can’t all succeed in every single thing we do, but the important part is to at least try; to learn and grow from our successes and failures. If I hadn’t made some seriously tough decisions in my life I would never be where I am today and I am so grateful that I didn’t let fear hold me back. Regardless of the large or small impact trying something may have on your life, it’s really just important to give it a shot!

Well, I’m certainly not an expert at this and I will definitely have my moments. We can laugh and cry together when the time comes. 🙂 Please enjoy my earnest attempt to start a blog. Here’s to trying!

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