…real estate class.

real estate class

I never imagined I would try taking a real estate class. I went to school for communications and had a fairly rough idea of what I would eventually do with that degree. Real estate was not on the list. But in working full time and making a semi-decent paycheck no money doing it, I knew I needed to supplement my income with something.

“Should I babysit on the weekends?” This seemed pretty unreasonable considering I knew absolutely no families in the area and probably wouldn’t make much extra cash with some measly babysitting jobs. I considered many options before landing on real estate – when really, this should have come to mind long before.

I always loved watching HGTV. I’m talking back-to-back episodes of Kitchen Cousins style. Something about it was intriguing and exciting. Maybe it’s because I like to help people and what better way to do so then to help someone find their new home?

I miraculously made the decision to enroll in a class the day before it started. Dumb luck or weird spirit powers telling me this was the right choice? Your call.

The class met twice a week for about 3 months – to be completed the first week in December. I was apprehensive. This was my first time taking an actual course after being out of school for 3+ years. Did I really want to go back to quizzes and exams? You never know unless you try!

While the class was fairly challenging at times – if you can calculate the square footage in a Township Section I applaud you – I got through it without a scratch and I am happy to announce.. I received my certificate to take the professional exam! Hooray!

My point about all of this is that you shouldn’t be afraid to try something completely different. Will real estate be my new calling and make me millions and millions of dollars? My God, I hope so. But the real win here is that I learned so much from this class. Regardless of whether I become a successful real estate agent or just a more informed buyer, I gained knowledge from the class that is extremely valuable. If you’re thinking about going back to school and you’re terrified of what will happen? Just try it! You’re in control of your own life – if you hate it and want to drop out after 2 months that’s your decision. At least you will know for certain rather than always wondering.

P.S. Sorry about the lack of photos today! I didn’t think you wanted to see lots of pictures of my real estate books 🙂

Are you thinking about enrolling in a class? Share it with us!


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