In honor of last Friday being National Pickle Day I figured I would share my pickle love story. Now, I know what you’re thinking..pickles? REALLY? Yes, up until last year I had profoundly sworn off these delicious, crunchy, snacks. But WHY? I’ve got no real explanation on this one. Maybe I just thought that cucumbers are so wonderful as is – why change them??

If it had been entirely up to me, I may have lived my entire life quite pickle-less. But dating will do strange things to you. I was out on a casual date with my new boyfriend at a local bar downtown. We had got into a little habit of ordering a few things to share so that we could each try a bit of everything. We’re so romantic dorky. Wanting to seem effortlessly un-picky in the name of cultivating a strong relationship, when he requested pickles on the sliders we ordered I just smiled, nodded, and silently thought, “Damn. Pickles?”

Our sliders showed up and I took my first bite. “Wait..this isn’t so bad.” Actually, I thought it tasted pretty good.

picklesI didn’t get completely into pickles until this past summer though. I knew I liked them on those burgers but eating one by itself was still a little strange to me. That all ended after we visited the local farmer’s market down the street. Unfortunately I don’t have any pretty pictures of the market as they have closed down for the season, so you’ll have to bear with me, use your imagination, and picture it.

FlowersThe farmer’s market downtown offers a pretty great selection of fruits, vegetables, baked goods, and flowers. Oh, the flowers. There are bouquets everywhere that are filled with all types of flowers. It’s like someone ran through a field of wildflowers and picked one of everything. But I digress..

picklesThey also happen to have a pickle and olive stand from a local company based out of New Jersey. They come with barrels of different types of pickles and other pickled vegetables, all with small containers that you can taste test from. I took one bite of the Kosher Dills and I was hooked. I’m not kidding when I say I pretty much went to that farmer’s market every week after that specifically to buy another pint or quart of pickles. They were perfectly crunchy and super fresh – not like what I have found in the grocery stores.

picklesIf you aren’t really into pickles or haven’t tried them before I would highly recommend finding an establishment that makes them fresh rather than digging into the jarred bottles at the store. They taste a little a lot better and the price is totally worth it. The pint of pickles at the farmer’s market only cost me $4.00 and you definitely get a lot of product for your money. I can’t wait for that market to come back so that I can buy these regularly again. Until then, I’ll be on the hunt for a deli with a solid replacement to my new found love.

Are you unsure about trying a new food? What’s the strangest food you’ve tried before?Sig_Alyssa

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