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Life is short, buy the shoes. This is usually, mostly, ALWAYS my motto. My roommates and my shoe racks will tell you that I have more shoes than I know what to do with. And yet, I will never have enough. I love shoes.


I recently discovered JustFab, a website filled with endless shoes that all cost about $39.95. $39.95, what a bargain! But what’s the catch? Well here’s how it works..

When you sign up for JustFab, you usually get a “buy one get one 1/2 off” incentive. If you’re planning on joining, you should take advantage of this because it’s such a great deal. You also receive an optional “free” magazine subscription which you can keep or mail in a receipt to receive a $20.00 credit. So really..you’re getting a true BOGO deal if, unlike me, you actually remember to mail the receipt in. I will now be reading People StyleWatch magazine for a year.justfab boots

Once your membership has started, you answer a series of visual questions about your style choices. The stylists working for this site will use that to put together a personalized “boutique” of items that you should like. Every month you will receive a new boutique of items. You can still shop for other things on their website, but the boutique is nice because it is ideally tailored toward what you are looking for.

justfab boots

Shop these shoes!

Here’s the catch: if you’re not planning on buying anything for the month, you need to “skip” that month within 5 days of receiving your boutique so that your card does not get charged a membership fee. However, the nice thing about the fee if you DO happen to forget is that it is not an empty cost: the membership “fee” is a $39.95 charge that goes into your account for a future purchase. It must be used on the website but you can use it toward anything you want to buy in the future instead of losing it completely.

justfab boots

Shop these shoes!

The best part is that you are not tied to a contractual membership. You can cancel whenever you want without any penalties. There are no shipping costs on orders over $39.00 and you can exchange purchases for free. The site also sells bags and clothes. I am pretty pleased with the two pairs that I have purchased so far. The quality is pretty good – especially for the cost. I received my shipment fairly quickly which was nice because there’s nothing worse than buying a new pair of shoes you’re just dying to wear and having to wait over a week to get them!

Disclaimer: This post is based on my opinion and experience only. I am not responsible for any of JustFab’s policies and you should read all documents pertaining to a membership before joining.

Are you a shoe addict like me? Share your favorite pair! Here’s my new favorite fall purchase – Jessica Simpson booties! View a similar style here.

jessica simpson bootiesjessica simpson bootiesSig_Alyssa

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