…to diy a halloween costume.

diy halloween costumesOkay, full disclosure…I HAVE thrown together a few Halloween costumes in the past so this is not exactly a fresh out of the gate attempt at creating a costume this year. However, most of my previous costumes consisted of finding things I had in my closet and putting “dead” makeup on. If you’re in the market for a real quick costume option – this is definitely the easiest route to go. Most of you have a flannel in the closet I assume? Toss that on with some jeans and black out your eyes: boom. You’re a dead farmer.

For some reason this year, I was feeling it. I don’t usually go all out on costumes because they candiy halloween costumes be expensive – and typically for my fellow twenty-something ladies out there, sexy-anything is pretty much all you need to do to hit the bars. I think I was just tired of this boring, half-assed, faux costume facade. I was ready for the big leagues.

I certainly didn’t give myself much time to pull this off. After much Pinterest searching, I decided I didn’t like anything that was coming up. I racked my brain for some cool character ideas and finally (2 days before Halloween) landed on Natalie Portman’s look in Black Swan. It was the perfect blend of fun, scary, and sparkly.

diy halloween costumesdiy halloween costumesIn order to make this costume myself I would need a few things – the base, the embellishments, and the makeup. I started with a plain black leotard (with sleeves! curse New England fall nights!) and some “oatmeal” colored tights. I knew I had some black flats at home so there was no need for new shoes (going completely against my typical motto: life is short, buy the shoes). I must admit that I did NOT make the skirt myself. Thank God for Party City having a sparkly black tutu left in an adult size. I also bought a feathery black boa, a tiara, some spray paint, and gem stones. A few quick makeup essentials later – I was ready to start!

diy halloween costumesHere is the short version: I hacked up the boa and sewed a bit of it to one shoulder of the leotard. Using Gorilla Glue, I attached the gem stones to the other side. For future reference – always put something behind whatever you’re glueing. I all but glued my leotard shut. I took the can of spray paint to the tiara and viola! Take that, Betty Homemaker.

To complete the look, I brought my face to life (death?) with some intense makeup. In order to create this look you should first start off by washing out your face with some shimmery white makeup. I used a foundation that is lighter than my natural skin tone and a white shimmery eyeshadow. I then began drawing on the feathered eye using a combination of eyeliner and wet eyeshadow. The best part diy halloween costumesabout this is that it doesn’t have to be perfect! You should use sweeping strokes to get that feathered appearance. I brought in a white eyeliner to fill in the feather gaps as well as a glittery white liquid eyeliner. To finish off, I combined a red lipstick with some black eyeliner  for an extremely dark red lip. If you already own a really dark red lipstick, by all means you should use that to make your life easier.

After all of this hard work I was ready to take Halloween by storm! And what better way to do it than with my handsome knight in shining armor by my side? Hope everyone had a great Halloween! What’s your favorite DIY costume that you have tried before?

diy halloween costumesSig_Alyssa

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